OOC: Dear Followers

I’m terribly sorry for disappearing on all of you guy’s without a word. To be honest when I logged on tonight I thought for sure you all would have unfollowed me by now but you didn’t and I can’t express how much that means to me, seriously thank you to each and every one of you.

Unfortunately however this is my last post. My rp partner and I agreed that it was time to put these accounts to rest. 

The good news though is that this doesn’t mean I’ll no longer be rping Dick Grayson. I’ve made another account where I’ll be rping a slightly younger Dick Grayson ( around the time he was in New York but after the whole Jason tentacle monster thing cause yikes ) and the plan is to work Dick and Wally up to a relationship rather than the rushed thing we did this first time around. 

So if you’d like to follow that account just send me a message and I’ll gladly give you the new url, my partner and I are keeping our accounts a secret to avoid drama, and if not well it was a pleasure having you as my followers. 

Once again thank you so much and I love you all. 

Puns of the Day

  1. The two guys caught drinking battery acid will soon be charged.
  2. He didn’t tell his mother that he ate some glue. His lips were sealed.
  3. The coffee tasted like mud because it was ground a couple of minutes ago.
  4. The magician got so mad he pulled his hare out.
  5. Never invest in funerals, it’s a dying industry.
  6. The indecisive rower couldn’t choose either oar.
  7. The new weed whacker is cutting-hedge technology.
  8. I really do have a photographic memory — I just haven’t developed it yet.
  9. The book of incantations was useless. The author had failed to run a spell check.
  10. England doesn’t have a kidney bank, but it does have a Liverpool


[text] We haven’t. These plans were really kind of last minute, last night. I texted him to though, but you haven’t heard anything from him either?

[text] No… I haven’t.

[text] I guess he’s….. too busy anyway.

[text] But I’ll come if there’s room for one more.

[text] I’m sure he’ll show up. He might just surprise you. 

[text] Of course, there’s always room for you! So come home already so you can start packing! 


aflyinggrayson started following you

“Hey there. You’re Nightwing right?”

Yep that’s me and you’re Charlie right? 

hotstuffbart replied to your post: hotstuffbart replied to your post: Hihihihihihi!…


BAAAARRTTT - snuggles - 

hotstuffbart replied to your post: Hihihihihihi!

YEAHYEAHYEAH—and I kinda—uhm—hehmissedyouandstuff.

I missed you too kiddo a lot, so get over here already so I can give you a long overdue hug already!